Endorsements for

Diane Trautman's Campaign for Harris County Clerk


Houston Chronicle

Harris County AFL-CIO Labor Assembly

IBEW #716

Communication Workers of America #6222          

Pipefitters  #211

Plumbers #68

Bay Area New Democrats

Harris County Tejano Democrats

Area 5 Democrats

Houston Black American Democrats

Houston GLBT Caucus

Texas Coalition of Black Democrats – Harris

Association of Women Attorneys

Houston Stonewall Young Democrats

Harris County Young Democrats

Greater Heights Democratic Club

Bay Area Democratic Movement

Texas Progressive Executive Council

Texas Organizing Project

Planned Parenthood Texas Votes

Battleground Texas

PAC for Progressive Texas Women

National Democratic County Officials

Annie’s List

Houston Lawyers Association

PAC for Texas Progressive Women

Houston 80-20 Asian American Political Action Committee

Elected Officials

State Representative Alma Allen

Mayor Pro Tem Ellen Cohen

HCDE Trustee Erica Lee Carter

HCC Trustee Robert Glaser

City Councilman Mike Laster

The Honorable Howard Jefferson

The Honorable Debby Kerner

Precinct Chairs

Adrian Ozuna, Pct. 296 Chair

Adoneca Fortier, Pct. 264 Chair

Charlotte Jackson, Pct. 824 Chair

Kris Banks, Pct. 060 Chair

Charlotte Reinemeyer, Pct. 340 Chair

Barbara Madera, Pct. 674 Chair

Patricia Pinkley, Pct. 658 Chair

Marie Dobay, Pct. 189 Chair

Mary Morrison, Pct. 435 Chair

Carole Wheeler, Pct. 362 Chair

Clara Caldwell, Pct. 392 Chair

Kevin McManis, Pct. 760 Chair

Egberto Willies, Pct. 758 Chair

Robin Fulford, Pct. 955 Chair

Kevin Hoffman, Pct. 207 Chair

Bob Mahan, Pct. 370 Chair

Christina Walsh, Pct. 056 Chair

Donna Hackemack-Bryant

Pam Spivey, Pct. 357 Chair

Charles Kuffner, Pct. 003 Chair

Antonio Maldonado, Pct. 134 Chair

Sherri Cothrun, Pct. 200 Chair

Thyra Burks, Pct. 276 Chair

Bob Mahan, Pct. 370 Chair

Carolyn Riggs, Pct. 380 Chair

Karen Wheaton, Pct. 552 Chair

Linda Abdmoulaie, Pct. 659 Chair

Bill Hunn, Pct. 776 Chair

Sue Mallot, Pct. 41 Chair

Stephanie Bailey, Pct. 633 Chair

Laura Nicol, Pct. 483 Chair

Antonio Maldonado, Pct. 134 Chair

Susan Haines, Pct. 129 Chair

W.G. Walters, Pct. 897 Chair

Nancy Whittaker, Pct. Chair